Video: Randalstown RBL unveils new memorial cross

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The Randalstown Branch of the Royal British Legion has erected a new commemorative white cross in their Memorial Garden to honour the brave men and women of the 1914-18 War.

Upon the cross, 250 poppies will be placed, each representing the 250 people from the Randalstown district who volunteered to serve during the war.

The Randalstown Branch hope that descendants and local businesses will sponsor the placing of the poppies with all monies going to the Royal British Legion to help with their work.

A spokesperson for Randalstown Royal British Legion said: “From local records, we know that over 250 people from Randalstown district volunteered and unfortunately 54 paid the ultimate price.

“Fifteen men died on just one day, July 1 1916 on the Somme, this total of 250 from a population of just over 2,500 means that there were very few families who were not greatly affected.”

The British Legion (later the Royal British Legion) was formed in 1921 when it was obvious that bereaved families, injured ex-service personnel and unemployed discharged needed help on a vast scale in spite of the Government’s promise that they would all come home to a ‘country fit for heroes’.

The spokesperson added: “It is the proud duty and honour for the Royal British Legion to continue the work started over 90 years ago – continuing conflicts supply a steady stream of demand on the Legion’s resources and it is by far the largest service charity spending more than £1.5 million per week on all aspects of care for serving and ex-service personnel and their families.”

If you wish to sponsor a Poppy please contact either Willie Simpson 07803197202 or Robin Murray 07731361403




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