New signage at Antrim Hospital

editorial image

editorial image

The Northern Health and Social Care Trust has introduced new signage, indicating the car park exit, disabled parking bays, directional signage and also the location of pay points, at Antrim Area Hospital following a meeting with the Patient and Client Council.

Joanne McKissick, Patient and Client Council, said: “This is a great example of partnership working. The Patient and Client Council’s Northern Local Advisory Committee have the vital role of raising local Health and Social Care issues with the Patient and Client Council Board.

“In this case a meeting was set up to highlight their concerns regarding car parking signage with the Northern Trust. The Trust agreed and new signage was put up which will be of great benefit to Patients and their Families.”

Olive MacLeod, Director of Nursing and User Experience at the Northern Trust, commented: “It’s important to understand what patients and their families want and need from a service. Often it is the people who use our services who have the best ideas about how to improve it so we’re committed to working in partnership in whatever way we can to collect these views and make the necessary changes required.”




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