Mayor calls on public to look out for their elderly neighbours over Christmas

The Mayor of Antrim has said his first six months as Antrim’s first citizen have flown in, and that he has enjoyed all the civic events he has attended.

Councillor Roderick Swann said that with Christmas upon us once again “it’s a time for reflection as we look back on the past year”.

“As Mayor it is my responsibility to represent you, the people of the Borough and I have been delighted to do so since I was elected in June,” Cllr. Swann said.

He added: “I have had the pleasure of already meeting with many of you as I have carried out my civic duties and I look forward to meeting many more of you during the next six months.

“The Borough of Antrim has many exceptional people and the community spirit I have witnessed cannot be surpassed.”

Cllr. Swann said that Christmas is a time for children and that he was delighted to attend the Christmas Carol Concert recently at Antrim Forum.

“It is so important that they realise the true meaning of Christmas and don’t see it just as a time for Santa to bring them the latest toys,” Cllr. Swann said.

He added: “Children are such an important part of society and as Mayor, I’m delighted to support the NSPCC as my official charity. I will continue to work with them to raise the profile of the very worthwhile work they do and I hope I can help raise as much money as possible.”

Cllr. Swann also called on people to look out for the elderly and their neighbours over the festive season.

“While I think myself lucky to be surrounded by family and friends at this festive time, unfortunately, not everyone is in the fortunate position of being able to spend Christmas Day with their families,” Cllr. Swann said.

He added: “I would ask you to spare a thought for those who have to work over the holidays whether in the emergency services, hospitals, residential homes or the tourism and hospitality industry.

“My thoughts go out to those of you who have lost someone close and who will find Christmas a sad and lonely time. If you know of someone who will be spending Christmas alone, please spare a few minutes to let them know they are in your thoughts.

“On behalf of everyone at Antrim Borough Council, may I take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas.”




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