Marcon fitting in well with new coffee outlets

An Antrim-based firm which specialises in interior fit-out is helping bring an ambitious new coffee and food brand to life as part of a province-wide roll-out that is set to bring around 70 new jobs over the next 12 months.

Marcon Fit-Out, which works across the retail, heritage, office, leisure and hospitality sectors, has been engaged to fit-out three new Synge & Byrne ‘coffee kitchen’ units in Newtownabbey, Belfast and Londonderry for the locally-owned BWL Group.

The two brothers behind the fresh new brand, Damien and Adrian Garvey, plan to introduce three new locations across Ireland per year over the next five years. The local businessmen are also considering rolling out presences in Britain.

The new Synge & Byrne brand has been inspired by what Damien Garvey describes as the new ‘artisan’ movement right across Ulster.

“We have done extensive research before launching this and we believe there is a strong demand both here and outside Northern Ireland for a food and drink offering that has its roots very much in traditional ‘Ulster’ cuisine,” Damien said.

He added: “There has been strong growth in recent years by the big coffee shop operators such as Costa and Nero and also solid expansion by some very nice artisans, but we see our planned ‘artisan chain’ offering sitting in between these two sectors.”

Rather than opt for brand new sites BWL plans to ‘regenerate’ existing vacant units with potential to do something ‘interesting and different’.

“No two Synge & Byrnes will be the same,” Damien said.

He added: “While there will be common features, for example the counter and backdrop, we plan to inject some individualism into every location, depending on the specifics of the particular building. Our approach to design will be about maintaining the architectural integrity of the buildings and creating complementary ‘old and new’ talking points in each place we develop.”

BWL Group has had a long-standing partnership with Marcon and Damien Garvey believes they have the right mix of skills and experience to deliver in the new Synge & Byrne vision.

“We have worked with Marcon since their inception in 2004 across a range of different projects and we know they have a great ability to combine excellent advice on value engineering and buildability with creativity with craftsmanship,” Damien said.

Ross Mullan, Design Co-ordinator at Marcon, added: “It was an exciting project to be involved in, assisting with the launch of a new brand.

“From a Marcon perspective it demonstrates our ability to contribute to the design process and successfully take a project from concept to completion.

“We have really enjoyed continuing our longstanding relationship with Damien and Adrian and we are looking forward to playing a major part in the roll out of Synge & Byrne.”




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